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Zoetropolis is the destination for anyone who loves film, libations, food, and music. The Zoetropolis team is a passionate group of people who came together in support of the arts and who aim to create a home for high-quality art films, spirits, food, and music. Combining our ideas and skills, we’ve developed the Art House into a Cinema Still House where we enhance the movie-going experience by pairing it with an onsite micro distillery and restaurant. We aim to bring films to the screen that expand your thinking, create opportunities for connection and conversation and remind people that the experience of being in a theater can be a treasure.

Zoetropolis' “Philosophy|Drink|Film” series combines thought-provoking films, spirited conversation, and expertly crafted cocktails. Each film in the series will be introduced by York College Professor of Philosophy Dennis Weiss and combined with a specialty cocktail mixed by Zoetropolis’ bartender and suggested by the film’s themes. Be sure to stick around after each screening to reflect on the film, sharing your insights and engaging in discussion with your fellow patrons.  Join us monthly, (every third Thursday) at 6:30 p.m. for a lively combination of cinema, cocktails, and conversation.

Living with Technology
  • her: July 2023
  • Robot & Frank: August 2023
  • I'm Your Man: September 2023
  • M3GAN: October 2023
Faith and Film
February 2023: Do the Right Thing
The Coen Brothers & Philosophy
Coen Brothers and Philosophy
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Hitchcock & Philosophy
Christopher Nolan and Philosophy
Interstellar: July 2022
Inception: June 2022
Memento: May 2022
The Dark Knight: April 2022
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Morality and the Movies
Life, Death, Film & Philosophy
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"We Love Dick" Film Festival
February 2020: Groundhog Day
December 2019: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
November 2019: Arrival
October 2019: Moon
September 2019: Marjorie Prime
August 2019: A Scanner Darkly
July 2019: Ex Machina
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