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I am Professor of Philosophy in the Arts and Humanities Department of York College of Pennsylvania. I received my B.A. in Philosophy from Emory University and my Ph.D. in Philosophy from The University of Texas at Austin. I am former chair of the English and Humanities Department, served as Academic Senate President, was the inaugural Assistant Director of General Education for First-Year Seminars for six years.
My research interests span the intersection of philosophical anthropology, philosophy of technology, and popular culture. I have edited or co-edited two volumes, Interpreting Man (Davies, 2003) and Design, Mediation, and the Posthuman (Lexington 2014) and co-authored Designing the Domestic Posthuman, forthcoming from Bloomsbury Press.  I've published a variety of journal articles on philosophical anthropology, philosophy of technology, science fiction, and the posthuman.

I am currently working on two projects. The first, Designing the Domestic Posthuman, is forthcoming from Bloomsbury Press. The second, Posthuman Second Persons, explores the resources philosophical anthropology offers for rethinking the posthuman in a technological age. I also host the film series PDF [Philosophy, Drink, Film] at Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse

Dr. Dennis M. Weiss

Professor of Philosophy

York College of Pennsylvania

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