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Dr. Dennis M. Weiss

Professor of Philosophy

York College of Pennsylvania


FYS 100 Who am I? What am I?

Who am I? What am I? As I look over this photo collage (and granted

PHL 222 Critical Thinking

While there are many accounts of what constitutes critical thinking

PHL 224 Being Human

The Western philosophical tradition is thought to have gotten underway

PHL 389 Philosophy & TV

This course seeks to address the questions “what is TV?” and how ought we to think
about TV philosophically.

PHL 321 Philosophy & Knowledge

"The truth is out there." For some years, in the face of persistent set-backs

PHL 331 Metaphysics
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Mind, Body, and Consciousness

How is it that anything so remarkable as a state of consciousness comes

Philosophy of Mind

In Mind: A Brief Introduction, John Searle points out that the mind is

Self and Identity

What is a self? What is a person? What is self-knowledge and how does it work?

Soul and

Metaphysics is typically described as the study of being, the study

The Brain and the Law

In our everyday lives (and oftentimes even in our philosophical lives) we human

PHL 341 Ethics

This course develops the study of the notions of right and wrong and the good,

PHL 347 Philosophy of Law

Timothy Shiell suggests in Legal Philosophy that the philosophy of law is

PHL 380 Feminist Philosophy

This course examines the role of gender and the nature of women from

HUM 300 Science Fiction

"Through the creation of extravagantly fictitious worlds in which everyday reality

Some months ago as I was watching the mid‐season finale

The task for a philosophy of technology is to analyze the phenomenon of technology,

I see this course as responding to a challenge set forth by Stephen

As an occasional practitioner of philosophy, there are several key problems

"We have given to thee Adam, no fixed seat, no form of thy very own, no gift peculiarly 

Phl/Lit 401 Philosophy & Literary Studies Seminar

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