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Cosmetic Surgery

Work on human nature and enhancement technologies obviously intersects with the growing interest in cosmetic surgery. Extreme Makeover for me was a fascinating glimpse into what may be our posthuman future. I have been working on essays exploring this phenomenon and have benefited from working with feminist scholar Rebecca Kukla on a co-authored essay. I'm working on an essay exploring the limits of traditional feminist analyses of cosmetic surgery in light of the the posthuman.

Appearing in the Humanities and Technology Review, this essay examines the recent popularity of television reality shows premised upon cosmetic surgery and places it in the context of accounts of human enhancement technologies and the posthuman.

This is a revised and slightly extended version of the previous essay.

This essay is a work in progress and expands upon the previous essay, analyzing the limits to makeover narratives. It features a section on how one might incorporate feminist perspectives to analyze these issues.

Yet another take on the Extreme Makeover phenomenon, this one co-authored with Rebecca Kukla and looking in greater depth at the question of nature and norms.

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